Mavis has been spinning raw wool for quite some  time. With the addition of a second spinning wheel, production started to pick up.

Our first donation of wool from Gerrard Wilken in 2012 started the whole process.

Smithfield hosts a “bibberfees” festival every year roundabout May. BKB and festival organisers invited Mavis, Zapie and Mpulekeng to demonstrate the process of combing and spinning raw wool..

What an adventure! The girls came home inspired and motivated.

From there WOOLWORKS was initiated and grown into an amazing industry. 6 women from the township make felt, knitwear, stuffed toys and Christmas decorations.

The workshop/shop – situated in the Bizarre Bazaar in the hotel building on Muller Street – sells items and offers felt making demonstrations

Appointments to visit WOOLWORKS 
Phone Rhodes Info office: 045 971 9003