Rhodes Xtreme

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The Rhodes Xtreme, is an extreme high-altitude race which takes place in Rhodes Village in the Drakensberg Highlands – and you can’t say you’re a true mountain biker until you have completed this arduous two-wheeled journey.

The magnificent event takes riders back to the roots of true mountain-biking; man alone against the elements with rough, rugged natural tracks and trails at extreme altitudes. It does not get any tougher, or any more satisfying! And it’s not for the faint hearted.

The route, surrounded by crystal rivers and magnificent, albeit agonising, mountains, makes for one of the most sublime off-road experiences on offer anywhere in the world.

Why is it a must-do ‘cult ride’?

  • The Rhodes Xtreme is the oldest mountain bike classic in the country. 2012 was the 20th staging of the event.
  • The Rhodes Xtreme is the highest MTB race in South Africa: summiting at 2678m on the boundary fence with Lesotho and again at 3001m on Tiffindel’s Ben MacDhui, South Africa’s highest rideable peak.
  • Ranked in ‘Best Mountain Bike Rides in South Africa’ as one of the country’s top 20 rides
  • Described in Tim Brink’s article ‘The Entry List’ as one of 11 rides to do before you die, published in November 2009 Bicycling Magazine.