Rhodes News May 2016


A huge thank-you for the warm welcomes and words of encouragement as I begin my journey at the Rhodes Tourist and Info Centre.  It’s an honour for me to be here and I look forward to a fun-filled venture together.  Having been a film producer all my life where I’ve relied on copywriters to do the writing, I’ll give the Newsletter my best shot.  Your news and the special moments you capture are important to me.  Please share them to keep our newsletter alive and interesting.

Some new sections which I thought would add a fun touch:

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This month’s household hints courtesy of Tannie Hanna Reeders

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I was fortunate enough to arrive before the end of April, probably my favourite month in Rhodes with beautifully warm days and the evenings still warm enough to enjoy a sundowner on the stoep.  April and May have been busy months for the farmers ploughing and planting and with the above average rainfall for May, crops are looking magnificent.


Due to a late winter, we’re experiencing an extended period of the rich autumn colours, the indigenous flowers also having been magnificent.



Friday, 20th and Saturday, 21st May attracted a large thanksgiving ceremony in Zakhele, hosted by Nwabisa Booysen who provided a large dinner for all guests.  A cow and 2 sheep formed the main part of the menu.  This saw the first ever brass band in our village with music ringing out across the village all day on Saturday – a special sound that made your hair stand on end.  Visitors included church groups from Jamestown, Queenstown, King Williamstown, Cathcart, Cala, Barkly East and Aliwal North.  The brass band came from Tsomo. 

Friday included a night of prayer from 22h00 to 05h00 on Saturday, dedicated to the fight against crime in Rhodes.

Saturday included prayers in aid of the sick and troubled people from 11h00 to 14h30.

The Church was Site Joseph Apostolic Church in Zakhele.



CMW (Cape Mohair & Wool) was proud to promote our local Woolworks produce at the 50th NAMPO show, (the largest agricultural show in the southern hemisphere), which was held in Bothaville from 17 to 20 May.  Our Woolworks articles were sold out on the 2nd day of the event which is quite a feat owing to the extent of the show which takes a fit farmer a day to cover one third of the show.

Feedback from our local farmers was that it was an innovative and positive event, offering new products ultimately making farmers lives easier.



Nigel Owles celebrated his 70th Birthday on 10 May with a warm and intimate gathering at Walkerbouts.  A great meal of traditional vetkoek and mince, finished off with a delightful cake baked by Deidre Gush.  A good evening was had by all.


Lucien Theron celebrated his 80th Birthday on 27 May and Theo Welter will be celebrating his 80th Birthday on 4 June.  We extend our heartiest congratulations and best wishes to Lucien, Theo and families.


In years gone by, part of marketing the Wild Trout Association included participating in a variety of trade shows in the major centres of South Africa.  The shows included Indaba, Getaway, Astra Travel, the Grahamstown Festival and Hooked on Fishing. The last-mentioned event eventually ground to a halt when it was absorbed by the Supersport show.

More recently, fly-tying guru Gordon van der Spuy took it upon himself to organize the “Fly-tying and Fly-fishing Expo” to be held at the Lourensford wine estate on the 30th July 2016. Not having participated in any shows for several years, The Wild Trout Association has decided that this would be an ideal opportunity to revive marketing the association at a trade show so Dave Walker, accompanied by Tony Kietzman, will be waving the WTA flag vigorously.

Wild Trout is sincerely grateful to Martin van Riet of Epson who has provided them with a state-of-the-art digital projector.  They are currently collecting appropriate images for the purpose and will soon be able to set up a slide show that will feature the many catchment areas that encompass the fly-fishing opportunities in the Eastern Cape Highlands.

From 1 July all Wild Trout Day Fishing Permits will be obtainable from the Rhodes Tourist and Information Centre and no longer from Walkerbouts Inn

For the full article on the 2016 Epson Wild Trout Festival see the June/July issue of “Flyfishing” Magazine


Thanks to Elizma den Heyer and Senqu Tourism, the R396 (Barkly East to Maclear) has officially been registered as the Eastern Cape Highlands Route.  Four route sign boards have been manufactured and will be erected at Barkly East near the high school, Moshesesford, the start of the Naudes Nek Road as you leave Rhodes and Vrederus.  The first board has already been erected as you leave Rhodes on the Naudes Nek Road.


News on the 8 Passes Mountain Challenge signage will be available soon.

Whilst on the subject of road signs, something I thought would be of interest to you, courtesy of Tannie Hanna Reeders:

Plekname – Rhodes:

Stefanus en Jettie Naudé het op hulle stoep op Dunley gesit, toe sy hom vra waarlangs hulle die pad wil maak.  Toe hy vir haar wys, was haar antwoord:  “Maar Stefaans  ʼn bobbejaan kan dan nie eers daar met ʼn kierie loop nie, hoe wil julle nou ʼn pad daar maak!” (Wel die pad is toe daarlangs gemaak.)

Blou krans:
Sò genome omdat die klip so ʼn blou kleur het as dit pas gebreek is.

Waar ʼn transportwa met appels omgeval het.

Waar ʼn sakkie suiker agter op  ʼn transportwa stukkend gegaan het, en streep-streep verloor het.

Kar Leegte:
Waar die pad baaie nat geword het en die karre op ʼn streep bly staan het.  (Laat  ʼn mens amper wonder of daar darem deur die jare vordering was.)

Deel van Rhodes aan die westekant van die spruitjie, moontlik, weens die gekwaak van paddas saans.

Ragel se Klip:
In Maartenshoek waar ene Ragel en haar minnaar altyd ontmoet het.


With cooler weather settling in, numbers have dwindled at the River Park, but for the die hards.  Skununu has become a firm favourite, a running ball game usually played by two teams of six each – our local kids managing to get this up to 12-a-side.  The attacking team tries to kick the ball away from the defenders, while the defenders can use their hands to get the ball away from them.  The attackers score when they have moved the ball down the entire length of the field.

However, if one of the defenders tags an attacker with the ball, that player is out.

When all the attackers are out, the defenders get a chance to try and score.

Judging by the noise this is the most popular game played in the Park by all ages.



This month has seen a host of visitors through our district – from retirees to hunters and 4X4 campers.  Feedback has been so positive, the same comment being repeated by a few visitors:

“We love this place and we’ll be back as we feel we have unfinished business here.”


Our deepest condolences go to Christine de Villiers and family of Barkly East on the passing of her brother Dawie.

Another sad story emerged on 22 May where Mzwandile Sifuba from Zakhele took his own life.  Our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.


09th July 2016

Darrell Raubenheimer
The Breathtaking Trail Run 

Phone:  041 581 6307

Event organisers Evie and Darrell Raubenheimer are in full swing with the Rhodes Run

Here’s a copy of a tweet from Kevin Light who, prior to this tweet had recently completed the MdS (Marathon des Sables), a 7-day self-supported run in the Sahara – the trail running “Dakar” may-img-11

“The RhodesRun is under my skin.  Literally.  Best sports experience ever!  Well organised, yet wild and open.  Perfect!”


Resepte uit vervloeë dae:
6 Kerse
1 Blik Bokpolitoer
½ Bottel Spiritus
¾ Bottel Paraffien


Please contact Margie at the RTIC for your advertising needs:  045 971 9003 / contact@rhodesinfo.co.za


Alixe Lowenherz opened her home to a Quacker (pictured in white) and a Mallard Duck (beautiful in silver, grey and green).  Their shelter, made of thatch, includes a roof which is a replica of isiXhosa and Sesotho roofs.

The mallard unfortunately came to a sad ending and the Quacker, Charlotte, is in desperate need of a companion.  If anyone can assist, please contact Margie at RTIC.



The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way


Tiffindell’s official opening on 1 June 2016

An inspiring story from a proud father

RDP Housing progress in Zakhele


 And much more

In the event that I’ve missed something, please let me know so that I am able to include it in the next issue.

Looking forward to next month

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