Gateshead Lodges

Carien Vosloo invites you to experience some of the best fly fishing for trout that South Africa has to offer on her farms, Gateshead and Birkhall, both situated in the North Eastern Cape Drakensberg between Barkly East and Rhodes and in beautiful surroundings which range from the montane to the pastoral.
They provide an ideal refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life in an area renowned for its scenic landscapes, its clean air and clear water, its bird life and San rock art and its beguiling hiking and biking routes, horse rides, warm fireplaces and equally warm hospitality.
Barkly East is stock farming country and the Vosloo’s abattoir has won local renown, supplying meat from its grass-fed animals. The needs of visitors are always catered for in this regard.

Type of accommodation:
Maximum number of guests:
Minimum stay:  Gatehead accepts a minimum of a 3 night stay
Pet friendly: