Rhodes Vulture Project

Rhodes Vulture Project

Rhodes Vulture Project, 13-12-2019

Bearing the date in mind, it turned out to be an inauspicious day but in fact, a blessing for a beast on the village common. General overstocking exacerbated by the drought had reduced the animal to skin and bone to the extent that, despite supplementary feeding, she could no longer get up and walk.

The animal owner, Mr Butis Letsika consequently decided to donate it to the vulture project. It was humanely despatched and loaded onto a bike trailer donated by erstwhile Rhodes property owner, John Dickinson. To facilitate loading, it was modified to include a gantry, a loading ramp and wheel chocks that were constructed and installed by Letsika at Walkerbouts. This, together with a snatch-block and winch donated by the Wild Trout Association to facilitate loading carcasses was used to load this carcass and deliver it to the vulture restaurant site this morning.

For those of you in the village, keep an eye out for vultures, especially tomorrow morning as the rainy weather at present will most likely hinder these magnificent birds finding the carcass today.

Our grateful thanks to Letsika for a much-appreciated gesture.