Rhodes Brewing Co

Rhodes Brewing Co

The Rhodes Brewing Co is getting ready to open its doors in the picturesque little village of Rhodes in the Eastern Cape.

The official launch date is still to be determined but a little pre-taste will be available at the Rhodes Skaap Fees on the 21stof December.


Founded by Johann Swanepoel in 2019, it aims to supply quality craft beer to the local Rhodes community and surrounds, as well as all the tourists visiting the area.

We are excited to announce that we will launch with the following 3 flavours of beer:


Blizzard Blonde

This golden blonde ale is a delicious session beer for long summer evenings. It is packed with flavour and has a wonderful hoppy finish.


Avalanche Ale

An Irish style red ale with a refreshing , lightly hopped and malty flavour and a clean finish.


Blackout Stout

Aimed at the long Rhodes winter months with an irresistibly smooth texture and rich, roasted chocolate flavours.

Each label tells a little tale of the local history that intertwines legend and fact, designed to reflect the rich history and Victorian heritage of Rhodes.


Blizzard Blonde

Residents of Rhodes are all used to squalls,howling winds and icy snowstorms.

But the freak blizzard on 1 January 2011 took everyone by surprise.

This Brilliantly Balanced Blonde Ale is equallysurprising in flavour, aromas and hoppy goodness.

Like a freak snow storm.

Totally unexpected in South Africa…

Yip, in the middle of summer.


Avalanche Ale

This Ridiculously Remarkable Red Aleis dedicated to the avalanche of 1893.

Legend has it that two farm workers and aRhodes local were caught in this freak incident.

Apparently it happened close to the Lesotho border near Mavis bank.

Amazingly, all 3 men got away scot-free, apart from a few bruised egos and a story no-one believes.


Blackout Stout

Rhodes is no stranger to power failures andblackouts.

The weather here has always wreaked havoc with the electricity supply – long before load shedding became a thing.

So this Splendidly Superior Stout Beer commemorates the 3-week blackout of 1922.

Remember, any day without electricity is the perfectexcuse for a few pints of Blackout Stout.