Pottery & Ceramics

Pottery & Ceramics

Teaching at the Clay Cafe

We are always excited to welcome visitors to Rhodes Village and especially to the Clay Cafe

where we give lessons in pottery and ceramics. Visitors can spend time learning how to make simple containers or more elaborate items that will be glazed sand fired in our on-site kiln.

We welcome all ages and abilities and this inevitably proves to be a highlight of anyone’s visit to Rhodes.

Pottery Classes for all given by arrangement. If you are holidaying in Rhodes we will find a

time that suits. Work not fired before you leave can be posted or sent to you with other

visitors to the area. If you would like to book a class in advance that would be great.

Please call or email us:

Tel: 045 971 9003

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.