Rhodes Rambles

Rhodes is surrounded by pristine mountains, streams, valleys and waterfalls – not to mention the most magnificent array of flowers in season.

“The Common” comprising the original Tintern Farm on which Rhodes was established is open to the public. This area is to the south of the village, incorporating the brickyards, the shooting range, dams –  as well as views of the village, “Rhodes Mountain” & the Carlilsehoek valley.

All other hiking takes place on privately owned farms.

Some farmers do not allow access to their farms.

Rhodes Rambles has marked hikes on Den Hagen Farm and designs/arranges other hikes according to the time available, fitness and capabilities of hikers and their preferences. Where necessary, maps and/or co-ordinates are provided.

The Hikers’ “leave only tracks and take only photos” rules apply, i.e. we respect others’ property as we do not want any more farmers to have reason to deny access.

There are no rescue facilities in Rhodes and all hiking is done entirely at own risk. Rhodes weather is notoriously fickle and all seasons may be experienced in one day. The onus is on hikers to be suitably equipped for the outing. 

Enquiries & bookings may be made by contacting the Rhodes Tourist and Information Centre: 045 971 9003 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.