Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in rivers, streams and dams around Rhodes

The Rhodes, Barkly East areas offer superb fly fishing possibilities on 9 or more pristine mountain streams.  Many of the rivers and streams originate 9000 – 10 000 ft above sea-level and can be described as pristine, freestone and rock-based highland streams.  Among the most popular are the Bell River, Kraai River, Bokspruit, Riflespruit, Sterkspruit, Kloppershoekspruit, Vlooikraalspruit and Langkloof River. These rivers have had wild spawning rainbow and brown trout thriving in them for almost a century. Brown trout are to be found above a weir on the farm Balloch in the Wartrail area as they are outcompeted by Rainbow trout elsewhere. Dry fly and nymph fishing for these species should produce amazing, memorable results.  Indigenous smallmouth yellowfish migrate up from the Kraai River each year moving up to spawn in the Bell River, Bokspruit and Riflespruit in summer. Sight fishing to these sporty species is often possible.

The dams in our area are well known for producing strong fighting, trophy trout. Loch Ness near Tiffendell Ski Resort is 2555m above sea-level and is the highest self-sustaining still water in Southern Africa, i.e. the Rainbow trout spawn in the dam’s feeder streams. Fly fishing at Loch Ness is an experience of note, fishing from both the shore and on tubes or kick-boats. Access to these waters is gained by purchasing day permits from the Rhodes Tourist and Information Centre.
No unauthorised fishing is allowed and fly fishing visitors can only gain access to farms by purchasing a day permit from the relevant fly fishing association/club/fly shop in Rhodes. We support catch and release in this area and encourage fly fishing only.

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